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Hands-on Learning

Humback whale breaching gracefully in Kachemak Bay

Field Studies

Each fall, the University of Alaska Anchorage's Kachemak Bay Campus of Kenai Peninsula College located in Homer, Alaska, offers students from around the country the opportunity for an academic hands-on learning experience studying biological sciences with easy access to cold-water marine habitats. A selection of upper division biology courses are offered along with others with an Alaskan theme. The semester has been designed to meet the needs of students majoring in the natural sciences in a creative and adventurous way.

Kachemak Bay

a raft of norhtern sea otters glance at the camera

Our Amazing Bay

Kachemak Bay is one of the richest marine estuaries in the world. Charismatic species such as sea otters, killer and humpback whales, bald eagles, puffins, jellies, halibut, and salmon utilize the waters and coastal environments of Kachemak Bay. Students are immersed with these and other species, such as beluga whales, during hands-on labs and field trips conducted throughout the semester here in Kachemak Bay and the surrounding waters of Cook Inlet.

Homer, Alaska

A group of students prepare to embark on an adventure aboard a water taxi

About Our Town

Homer, Alaska is an area alive with opportunities for diverse outdoor adventures and is home to a vibrant art community. Homer is one of the top small art and cultural towns in the U.S. and a recreational and maritime center of Alaska. Located on the shores of Kachemak Bay, Homer offers breathtaking views of glaciers, mountains and wildlife. With an area population of 14,000,

Kachemak Bay Campus

Pioneer Hall at night

About Our Campus

University of Alaska Anchorage's Kachemak Bay Campus of Kenai Peninsula College is located on 3 acres in the coastal community of Homer, Alaska on the shores of Kachemak Bay, overlooking a vista of glacier-capped mountains. The campus offers a wide variety of degree and continuing education courses and programs of excellence in a friendly, personalized setting.

What do our students say?

Student in yellow raingear assists with whale necropsy

"Spending a semester in Homer, Alaska was one of the best academic decisions I have made. Not only were the class sizes small, we were constantly having class out in Kachemak Bay, learning research techniques used by marine biologists and ornithologists.
Mary Watson-2012

Student in green raingear assists with whale necropsy

"KBC's Semester by the Bay program reignited my passion for the ocean and for learning. The knowledge, skills, experiences, connections, friendships, and sense of independence that I gained were once in a lifetime and incomparable to what I was getting out of my 4-year college. It became home, and I cannot wait to get back."
Nicole Abeln-2012

student in lab catalogs bones

"I was welcomed by all the professors and advisors at the campus and really by the whole town. Homer is a friendly town in general and if you stay long enough everyone gets to know your name."
Stephen Fogarsi-2013


Students must check with the financial aid office at their parent institution to determine if they will be eligible to receive federally-based aid while attending KBC. Your financial aid office will want to know that Kachemak Bay Campus of Kenai Peninsula College is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on colleges and Universities and is Title IV eligible. KPC's federal OPE ID is: 011402, University of Alaska Anchorage. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that attending a different university for a semester will not violate the admission's policy at the parent institution.

National Student Exchange

The University of Alaska Anchorage's Kachemak Bay Campus of Kenai Peninsula College is a participating member of the National Student Exchange, a program for undergraduate exchange within the United States. Interested students must contact their home university for application procedures and timelines. National Exchange programs are first come, first served, so speak to your advisor right away!